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Savvy solutions in the wine business

Envision marketing strategies for wine producers
Creation of promotional events to showcase Italian wines
Implementation of tailor made sales incentive programs
Assistance to distributors in sales team training

Your guide to the Italian wine trails

Development of courses: Courses and tastings for wine lovers, focusing on native grape varieties
Selection service for enotecas and restaurants, featuring rare wines
Tour organization for curious travelers, in search of wines and gastronomic specialties


New wines in Marco’s collection

The LEGAMI Team loves to tour all of Italy’s wine regions. We're deepening our knowledge of the wines from Alto Adige. During 2017 summer we visited many producers in the Isarco valley, tasting mainly wines obtained from

The “double interview”

In the restricted circle of the wine growers and specialist journalists certain topics are often discussed with enthusiasm. The viewpoints with the following decisions – sometimes momentous – are an important factor for the evolutional

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Associazione Legami

Promotion, Communication and Education

LEGAMI is based on a profound knowledge of overseas markets, consumer trends, distribution systems, and Distributors requirements.
LEGAMI helps Importers to find strategies that minimize transportation and distribution costs.
LEGAMI cooperates with Distributors to create effective, customized marketing materials and sales incentive programs, such as wine dinners, tasting sessions, lectures, and sales team training.

Marco Negro


I’m Italian and I’m passionate about wine.
I have a strong love of my land and enjoy sharing the beauty and the emotions of Bella Italia.
I have a talent for connecting people and for finding solutions.
I have matured professional experience in marketing, commerce, and communication.

Combining these things, led me to create Associazione LEGAMI in order to:

  • Provide savvy advice and practical solutions for your Italian wine promotion
  • Be your guide on the Italian wine trails

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Concept dinner “leggere la natura”

"LEGGERE LA NATURA" - it means "reading the nature", it's a concept dinner that allows to learn more about origin of ingredients. Why chef Bruno Congolani is using this old variety of beans? How important is

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Volcanic activity in Toscana?

Yes! We visited the winery Macchion dei Lupi, in Suvereto (Val di Cornia area). The Tyrrhenian Sea is a few kilometers away, but this soil contains "lapilli", magma drops that have solidified in contact

A visit to the vineyards on the Etna

The purpose of Legami team - recently travelling on Volcano Etna slopes - was to visit cellars and vineyards of some Etna D.O.C. producers. Thanks to a series of elements, the wine production in this

Piedmonts wines on a promotional Asian tour

The debut in Asia of LEGAMI Piemonte has been positive. The wines of the 5 cellars have been launched on November 21st in the evocative scenario of Happo-en conference center where tea rooms are opposite