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Savvy solutions in the wine business

Envision marketing strategies for wine producers
Creation of promotional events to showcase Italian wines
Implementation of tailor made sales incentive programs
Assistance to distributors in sales team training

Your guide to the Italian wine trails

Development of courses: Courses and tastings for wine lovers, focusing on native grape varieties
Selection service for enotecas and restaurants, featuring rare wines
Tour organization for curious travelers, in search of wines and gastronomic specialties


Sentieri di vino – the wine Alta Langa D.o.c.g.

The Italian sparkling wine produced by refermentation in bottle is called "Metodo Classico". At a time when many wineries try to discover the potential of their grapes to produce new sparkling wines, drinking a glass

Harvest in Italy

The harvest period is a tribute to diversity in Italy. It is exactly during the phase of fruits maturation and grape harvest that it’s possible to notice the extraordinary diversification of Italian grape production. There

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Associazione Legami

Promotion, Communication and Education

LEGAMI is based on a profound knowledge of overseas markets, consumer trends, distribution systems, and Distributors requirements.
LEGAMI helps Importers to find strategies that minimize transportation and distribution costs.
LEGAMI cooperates with Distributors to create effective, customized marketing materials and sales incentive programs, such as wine dinners, tasting sessions, lectures, and sales team training.

Marco Negro


I’m Italian and I’m passionate about wine.
I have a strong love of my land and enjoy sharing the beauty and the emotions of Bella Italia.
I have a talent for connecting people and for finding solutions.
I have matured professional experience in marketing, commerce, and communication.

Combining these things, led me to create Associazione LEGAMI in order to:

  • Provide savvy advice and practical solutions for your Italian wine promotion
  • Be your guide on the Italian wine trails

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Sentieri di vino – the wine Casorzo D.o.c.

Casorzo D.o.c. is a wine produced in Piemonte, in the borough of 7 municipalities of Monferrato area, in Piemonte. It is obtained from Malvasia di Casorzo, a red-berry grape, one of the many vines called

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Sentieri di vino – the wine Botticino D.o.c.

Botticino, a tiny corner of Brescia, in Lombardia, is renowned for it's fine marble, used to build prestigious monuments all over the world. However, the area has also had significant importance for wine production, since

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Talking about Italian wines in Russia

Eventually, the editorial staff of BAROLO & CO has entrusted me with the task of writing an article to analize the export of Italian wine towards the market I know best: Russia. Monthly I visit