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One of LEGAMI Association’s actions is helping importers to find strategies that minimize the distribution costs. In this regard, a new partnership project is starting among some Piedmont wine producers that are: Alemat, Ghiga, Poderi Roset, Porello, and Sulin.

What do these wineries have in common? Many things:

  1. they all produce wines that are a typical expression of their territory;
  2. they’re family conducted farms: the same persons work both in the vineyard and in the cellar but they also receive the visitors or travel abroad for promoting their wines;
  3. they’re all aware that the training activities towards the distributors and the F&B operators are crucial to support their wines;
  4. they’ve realized they need to team up with their colleagues.

A last detail, peculiar of the mission of LEGAMI Association. In order to assist the small importations, the five cellars will all supply their wines for the creation of a unique logistic platform. In this way a single customs document (including the bottles from the different cellars) will fasten and make more convenient the customization to the overseas importers.

LEGAMI Association will follow the five Piedmonts producers all along various tastings in Japan, Hong Kong, Korea and Singapore. Stay tuned…

October 21st, 2016

Marco Negro

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