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During the harvest season (“vendemmia” into Italian) the wide range of grapes grown in the Italian vineyards becomes visible.

SENTIERI DI VINO (wine trails) discovers the less known D.o.c. and D.o.c.g. wines as well as the autochthonous grape varieties.

Sentieri di vino – the wine Botticino D.o.c.

Botticino, a tiny corner of Brescia, in Lombardia, is renowned for it's fine marble, used to build prestigious monuments all over the world. However, the area has also had significant importance for wine production, since

Sentieri di vino – the wine Orcia D.o.c.

Being born in a beautiful place is always a fortune, even for a wine. This is the case of Orcia D.o.c. which is  produced in Tuscany, only in 13 municipalities in the province of Siena,

Sentieri di vino – the grape Favorita

The name of this grape is the female variant of the Italian adjective that expresses the concept of favorite: “favorite”, or the favorite grapes.  The first documents mentioning the name of this white berry grape,

Harvest in Italy

The harvest period is a tribute to diversity in Italy. It is exactly during the phase of fruits maturation and grape harvest that it’s possible to notice the extraordinary diversification of Italian grape production. There

New wines in Marco’s collection

The LEGAMI Team loves to tour all of Italy’s wine regions. We're deepening our knowledge of the wines from Alto Adige. During 2017 summer we visited many producers in the Isarco valley, tasting mainly wines obtained from

Concept dinner “leggere la natura”

"LEGGERE LA NATURA" - it means "reading the nature", it's a concept dinner that allows to learn more about origin of ingredients. Why chef Bruno Congolani is using this old variety of beans? How important is

Volcanic activity in Toscana?

Yes! We visited the winery Macchion dei Lupi, in Suvereto (Val di Cornia area). The Tyrrhenian Sea is a few kilometers away, but this soil contains "lapilli", magma drops that have solidified in

The “double interview”

In the restricted circle of the wine growers and specialist journalists certain topics are often discussed with enthusiasm. The viewpoints with the following decisions – sometimes momentous – are an important factor for the evolutional