The purpose of Legami team – recently travelling on Volcano Etna slopes – was to visit cellars and vineyards of some Etna D.O.C. producers. Thanks to a series of elements, the wine production in this area results to be unique in the panorama of the Italian wines – the volcanic soil, a high thermal excursion and the harvesting of typical vines such as Catarratto or Nerello Mascalese. Etna Doc designation is one of those cases of “textbooks D.O.C.s”: the producers and the legislator clearly identified the unique features of these wines.

This time we focused on the cellars located on the North-Eastern side of the volcano, from Randazzo to Castiglione. Here the landscape is emotionally  beautiful. Northwards the snow-covered  peaks of the Nebrodi mountains, while on the East the unmistakable silhouette of Tauro Mountain and Taormina sea.  Behind us the black giant “Iddu” – as it’s affectionately named by the Sicilians – snow-capped with a thin smoke plume to remind its always active caldera. January snowfalls have been particularly abundant, as witnessed by the snow piles at the side of the roads.

We’ve visited many cellars, enjoying their extraordinary welcome, far beyond a mere company visit, involving us also with a good evening company. We’ll soon come back to select new wines and say hallo to some dear friends!

January 20th, 2017

Marco Negro