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visiting Bella Italia

Tours organized amongst the nicest and most typical Italian hamlets – a discovery of the rare wines and its typical culinary specialties as well as the men and women authors of this excellence.

Together with an Italian who explains the authentic habits of the contemporary Italians and their oldest traditions.

Reserved to the travellers who wish a deeper knowledge of Bella Italia.


Hotel school of Brugge (B) guest in Piemonte

For the second consecutive year our team was happy to organize some of the educational activities in Piedmont for the Belgian hotel school Spermalie. The teaching staff of this school has very wisely inserted in-depth

From California to Langhe

A leap in quality for Autentico Italiano Tour: for the first time a tour commissioned by a wine producer! The Californian winery V.SATTUI  has been organizing eno-gastronomic tours in Italy for over twenty years. For the 2018

Concept dinner “leggere la natura”

"LEGGERE LA NATURA" - it means "reading the nature", it's a concept dinner that allows to learn more about origin of ingredients. Why chef Bruno Congolani is using this old variety of beans? How important is

A visit to the vineyards on the Etna

The purpose of Legami team - recently travelling on Volcano Etna slopes - was to visit cellars and vineyards of some Etna D.O.C. producers. Thanks to a series of elements, the wine production in this

REGINA DI FIORI (Karen, the queen of flowers)

Hosting Karen and Russ has been an honor for the  team of Autentico Italiano Tour. We met a few years ago, while being guests at the same winery – Fattoria Montechiari. Karen travels a lot

Alps: gastronomic treasures and unique wines

For the planning of the next wine tour we visited the Alps few weeks ago. The mountain agriculture has always been full of challenges: short seasons, more cool temperatures, slopes difficult to grow. At the

The Southern part of Italy

Negli ultimi anni AUTENTICO ITALIANO TOUR ha organizzato 3 viaggi alla scoperta dei tesori gastronomici e dei vini tipici del Sud Italia. Le escursioni sono state organizzate per andare alla scoperta di zone meno conosciute,