How’s it going this first month of the 2015 harvest? The Italian peninsula is marked by such a wide variety of climatic regions and autochthonous grapes that is really hard to follow all the harvest in progress. But I will share with pleasure some news from my friends winemakers.

The past month since the beginning of the harvest was initially characterized by the collection of grapes suitable for the production of sparkling wines. In particular, I’m talking about fine Italian sparkling Metodo Classico, such as Trento Doc, Oltrepò Pavese doc, Altalanga docg, and Franciacorta docg. In general, all producers of sparkling wines have finished the harvest.

Many grapes are placed on racks for the natural process of drying: Aleatico in Elba island vineyards, Zibibbo in Pantelleria island and Moscato in Langa. In the area of Canelli and Santo Stefano farmers they are finishing the harvest of Moscato.

Meanwhile, the Italian grape harvest is proceeding mainly in the southern part of Italy. In Apulia, Calabria and Sicily it was completed in many vineyards. The red Primitivo and also many Sicilian wines are now fermenting in the cellar.

In the North-West it is proceeding with the harvest of Arneis and Dolcetto. In Tuscany they are organizing the shifts for this weekend: Sangiovese is almost ready for harvest in the Chianti area.

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Marco Negro