A challenge and a mission: two producers from Monferrato with me for a tasting in New York: ALEMAT from Ponzano M.to and LA FIAMMENGA from Cioccaro. Primary objective: get a feedback on the interest for the Grignolino wine from the Manhattan restaurants. Secondary objective, of course, meet distributors on the East Coast.

Hospitality and service at the restaurant EOLO (Manhattan, 190 9th Avenue) were excellent. Melissa Müller, owner and chef, made us feel right at home. Sommeliers and guests were initially a bit “surprised” by the Grignolino’s color – what we call in Italy “cerasuolo” – but once we explained that this is the true characteristic of the wine Grignolino everybody have been concentrated on the wine analysis.

Grignolino was found a wine well suited to the most different cooking styles: from the pan-Asian kitchen to the one from Mexico. And the last glass of Grignolino was for dinner. We tried Melissa’s recipe inspired from her love for Sicily: purpo cui ciciri (charred octopus with a chickpea puree). A further confirmation of the international vocation for these 2 Grignolino (ALEMAT and LA FIAMMENGA).


APR 15 2015

Marco Negro




Photo credit: Frank Guiller