In Russia, this mid October, there were promotional amateur lessons held with the school of the Enoteca  Les cinq sens and the organization of the Taste and Travel agency of Olga Portnova.
At the heart of these meetings, was the revelation of native Italian grapes, beginning with those of ‘ghiaccio’ and of the mountains (the  Prié Blanc Cave Mont Blanc, Botticino of the brescian Cantine Franzoni) and finishing with the jewels of the warm lands that face Vesuvius (the bottles of producer Sorrentino Vini).
It was a geographic trip along the Italian ‘boot’. Not lacking in historic aggressions that influenced the wines left us by the Greeks, like Aglianico , ( some say that the name was derived from the original adjective  ‘Elleanico’ or ‘Ellenico’, becoming ‘Aglianico’ during the Aragonese domination of the 15th century) and the Gaglioppo.
Three participatory lessons demonstrated that even though there is an unfavorable exchange rate with their ‘ruble’, the Russians continue to love Italian wines.