Nascetta e Pelaverga: if you want to know them, you must search out the few producers who are making these wines.

The tasting on Saturday, May 9th at the Castello of Grinzane Cavour was an occasion to compare a selection of both Nascetta and Pelaverga.

Both wines have been rediscovered, from ancient varieties. The Nascetta has been being replanted for about twenty years. This white wine, has the potential to become one of the truly great whites of the Langhe hills. Pelaverga has been produced, in its pure state, for about forty years. It is a decidedly unusual red, in comparison to the more famous wines of Verduno.

As to the Nascetta presence at Grinzane, nearly all the producers offered samples of the 2014 collection. Most of the aromas were of white fruit, though in some, there emerged also a note of citrus (notably grapefruit) and herbaceous scents.. Only a couple of the producers offered the chance to sample their wines from the 2013 harvest. These had a more complex profile of scents; wines in general, very balanced and soft. It is worthwhile, therefore—with future tastings, to better delve into the evolutionary potentials.

Nearly all of the Pelaverga samples had a beautiful ruby color. Other than the fruity scents, one doesn’t need to be a great expert to also recognize the scent of white pepper, which is a marker that immediately identifies the Pelaverga.To find a favorite between these wines, is to search for the more elegant; to avoid those with unbalanced grassy scents. In some of the wines, one notes an appreciable and gentle “tannin”.

MAY 9 2015

Marco Negro