After a year of work and sacrifices in the vineyard … After much anxiety about the weather …Ladies and gentlemen, here is the 2015 harvest!

The Italian autochthonous varieties (so many, the true wealth of our viticulture) show extremely different ripening speed. This is also thanks to the diversity in climate between the Italian wine regions: from the mountains of Valle d’Aosta to the Pantelleria’s coast. So while most part of Italians are on holiday, in Franciacorta and Oltrepò Pavese we are already reaping the grapes destined to the Metodo Classico. The harvest is also started in the South Italy. It will end in two months: the last harvest will be in Valle d’Aosta (picking Fumin grapes) and in Valtellina (Nebbiolo grapes that will become Sforzato).

While in some regions you are picking grapes, in other regions it is still working in the vineyards: removing leaves and/or final thinning. Elsewhere the winemaker is checking the progress of ripening (not only by tasting, but also through analytic methods).

I don’t want follow the current harvest with comments on figures or expected quality. For this there are talented professionals to follow on the web. With my pictures I’ll show all my friends at work.

It will be an opportunity to learn about their land and the people who make great wines which I’ll discuss in the next few years: …the wines from 2015 vintage!

AUGUST 20 2015

Marco Negro