Some weeks ago I arrived to a meeting at Barolo&Co. redaction  showing visible signs of tiredness after an intercontinental trip. Giancarlo (the Director) told me in Piedmonts dialect “where do you come from this time?” I was just back from a tour in Asia to promote the Italian wines.  The topic of our talk soon became the trend of the Italian wines sale on those far markets. In particular we discussed about the fact that some years ago we all impulsively pinned our hopes on a fast spreading of the Italian wine on the emerging countries.  “This can be the theme for our next numbers!” says someone… “ we will describe those markets, we will mention the B.R.I.C. quartet” Never such a fast topic choice! Although knowing very well those markets, I considered it correct to give the reader the possibility to receive very recent comments from operators who daily work on those markets.

And I fixed some Skype calls to have interviews with some dear friends and collaborators around the world:

José Claudio Guimarães, director of an agency for the Italian wines in Brazil, also managing wine shop in Rio;

Dmitry Fedotov, journalist and opinion leader of the wine field in Moscow, as well as great expert of the Italian wines;

Sumedh Singh Mandla, CEO of one of the most important Indian wine companies, with wineries in Nashik and Bangalore;

Ivan Chen, Hong Kong businessman, importer of Italian  wines not only for the town itself but also for a region of China mainland.

I wish to thank these 4 friends and colleagues of mine who have contributed to my article out today on Barolo&Co.

November 21st, 2016

Marco Negro