The chance of discovering in advance the trends of great Italian wines attracts experts, writers and enthusiasts. As everyone agrees, the choice to anticipate NEBBIOLO PRIMA in January, has been strongly winning: it has been a real preview, not forgetting the intrinsic risk of tasting still very tannic and young wines.

During those days, LEGAMI team had the opportunity to meet Davide Pasquero, expert wine selector for individuals and enthusiasts. Together, we discussed the role that these previews have for wine professionals and he has given his keen opinion: “personally, I find the previews very useful and stimulating, even if it is not always easy to understand the direction and the evolution that a wine will take. Surely, when the producers are personally present, it is interesting to understand each point of view on the year”.It is also quite important to avoid the risk of too short and fragmentary events: it would be appealing to prolong the preview or tie it to an event that falls in the same period.

The features expressed by Barbaresco 2016 are truly captivating, it promises to be one of the most interesting vintage of the last years, with great potential; as Davide underlines it is a decidedly classic vintage, for real amateurs even though it needs to wait a while. NEBBIOLO PRIMA and GRANDI LANGHE have also shown some amazing Langhe Nebbiolo 2016 (Barolo area): for people who like the classic, vintage 2016 is one of those to bet on.

February 12th, 2019

Marco Negro