Events such as NEBBIOLO PRIMA and GRANDI LANGHE are an important occasion for journalists to meet experts, producers, winemakers or agronomists and to get to know the news that the market is about to offer. In such moments, in fact, a lot of time is spent with fellow journalists, so it’s a good opportunity to exchange views about the tasted wines.

As Eleonora Scholes, expert reporter, tells us, these previews are organized in order to give the chance to meet people who conduct in-depht seminars. (for example Prof. Anna Schneider, who did a great seminar on Nebbiolo, or Dr Edmondo Bonelli who explained the soils). One of the most significant advantage of following these events, is “the contact with the “outer world”, like the cultural visits, or the pruning lessons: they help to know the territory better, to broaden experience, which in the end becomes the real life experience of the Langhe and Roero”.

Considering the wine tasted during these occasions, Eleonora underlines that tasting new releases in January (instead of May) is too early since the wines are not settled yet. Provided for the chance of favourable weather, that would get some wines approachable just after the release on the market, lots of them would need further ageing, even only in bottle.

February 19th, 2019

Marco Negro