For the first time a wine Nizza D.o.c.g. reaches the top of the ranking of the 100 best Italian wines, compiled by the prestigious American magazine WINE ENTHUSIAST. Specifically, we are talking about Nizza D.o.c.g. “CIPRESSI” 2015 by Michele Chiarlo winery.

This result is indubitably notable owing to that this denomination D.o.c.g. has been officially recognized only since 2014 harvest.

As we had already noted on a previous post on LEGAMI, even if Barbera is the most cultivated grape in Piedmont, in a small area of ​​municipalities bordering Nizza Monferrato vineyards have unique features, both for the composition of the land, heights and micro-climate. More than twenty years ago, some farsighted producers, including Michele Chiarlo, Tullio Mussa and Giuliano Noè joined and gave life to a journey that led to the recognition of the unique organoleptic characteristics of the wines obtained in that small area. Nizza D.o.c.g. was born.

Congratulations to Michele, Alberto and Stefano Chiarlo for the prestigious award! Compliments to all the winemakers of Nizza D.o.c.g.! We will hear again about your wines!!!


November 20th, 2018

Marco Negro