Hosting Karen and Russ has been an honor for the  team of Autentico Italiano Tour. We met a few years ago, while being guests at the same winery – Fattoria Montechiari. Karen travels a lot all around Europe where she promotes her Master Classes, often along with Russ … a close-knit couple of friendly and lovely people! Both love the warmth, friendliness and good food of our Bella Italia. During their trips together, Russ has the chance to improve his knowledge of the Italian wines while doing some shopping for his cellar in San Diego. Karen is rather enchanted by the most hidden corners of our provinces squares and takes note of her emotions on the socials through #karentrantravel.

We met in Florence in April this year. An aperitif at Golden View, the right place to admire Ponte Vecchio  far from mass tourism. Tommaso Grasso’s cellar was up to the task, as always! Two bottles finished very soon that late afternoon in spring where passions were excited and projects stimulated. As the sun went down we said goodbye, receiving a charge: organizing for Karen and Russ an Autumn Piedmont tour.

Their first time in Piemonte has been with Autentico Italiano Tour! Karen, the “queen of flowers”, was recovering from a long series of courses and classes. A job she loves … but she needed a break, since she would continue her intense business trip in Europe for another 3 weeks. Russ was eagerly waiting to  learn more about Barolo and Barbaresco. Above all he wanted to understand some of the differences between the various territories and the winemaking styles so to be able to select new wines for his private collection.

In this edition of Autentico Italiano Tour I tried to transmit the passion for my land. I live in Asti, but I’m fondly in love with all the hills of Langhe, Monferrato and Roero! A month wouldn’t have been enough… In one week my team and I could visit famous wineries and small producers; we’ve been in Monferrato, gone through Roero and visited Langa villages. We’ve experienced the many shades of the autumn cuisine ranging from “Mum” trattorie to restaurants run by famous chefs worldwide. We also had some special typically seasonal moments, such as the grapes pressing in Barbaresco square and the search for truffles.

A trip organized by Autentico Italiano Tour offers something unique: the direct participation of an Italian coming along with you. And he’s ready to introduce you to his friends, to extemporize an aperitif, to tell you some interesting story or explain you the origins of the recipes and the traditional practices. An experience that will end with this greeting: “What region will we visit the next time?”.

Karen and Russ goodbye and see you soon!

October 16th, 2016

Marco Negro