Ciliegiolo owes its name to the primary descriptor that most characterizes the wines obtained from this grape: strong scent and long aftertaste of cherry (in Italian, in fact, ciliegia). The ampelographic origin is uncertain.

This variety of grape grows only in a delimited area between Toscana, Liguria, Umbria and Marche. In the past, Ciliegiolo grapes were added to other ones to give greater softness and delicate aromas to the wines produced from Sangiovese. There are few wines obtained from Ciliegiolo in purity; it is possible to taste them at the “Ciliegiolo d’Italia, an event that takes place every year at Narni, in Umbria region.

In our tasting, we had the pleasure to try two Ciliegiolo wines:

  • Val di Magra I.g.t. Ciliegiolo 2017 from CONTE PICEDI BENETTINI winery (in Lunigiana, the hilly region between Liguria and Toscana)
  • Val di Cornia I.g.t. Ciliegiolo 2016 from JACOPO BANTI winery (Val di Cornia includes the metalliferous hills of Toscana, that give a vantage point on the sea of ​​San Vincenzo and Follonica).

Both wines are characterized by a long and persistent aftertaste of ripe red cherry.

March 9th, 2019

Marco Negro



Photo credits: Valeria