The name of this grape is the female variant of the Italian adjective that expresses the concept of favorite: “favorite”, or the favorite grapes.  The first documents mentioning the name of this white berry grape, were found in Roero (the hills on the opposite side to the most famous Langhe) and date back to 1676. It had been for centuries the preferred variety, because it was suitable both as table grape and to produce excellent wines.

It is a genotype of Vermentino and Pigato. There is a good chance that this vine arrived in Roero thanks to the caravans of Ligurian merchants who sold the cuttings of their Vermentino to the Piedmontese peasants. Favorita is now cultivated in few areas of Piemonte, precisely in the hills among Roero and Langhe.

The wine tasted is Langhe D.o.c. Favorita 2017 “Meo Proposta”, produced by ANTONIO VIGLIONE, at Monteu Roero (Cuneo province). It has a brilliant straw yellow color and a very delicate floral bouquet, which then develops in an aromatic fruity aftertaste. Quite recognizable are the typical descriptors of the chamomile flowers and hints of cut apple. Full taste, good acidity, long and persistent in mouth.


September 12th, 2018

Marco Negro



Photo credits: Michele Di Vita