Botticino, a tiny corner of Brescia, in Lombardia, is renowned for it’s fine marble, used to build prestigious monuments all over the world. However, the area has also had significant importance for wine production, since ancient times.

The small and precious D.o.c. Botticino was born in the Valverde, precisely behind the marble quarries. There are 37 hectares of vineyard that embrace the Prealpi slopes; Barbera, Marzemino, Sangiovese and Schiava Gentile grow in this soil, remarkably rich in calcium and potassium. These grapes are blended in well orchestrated combinations that allow each individual variety to contribute with its own paculiarity to the wine. While Barbera confers structure and duration, Marzemino gives the ruby red color a tendency to garnet and enriches with the typical aroma and body; on the other hand, Sangiovese adds an elegant touch to the perfume and softness to the taste and Schiava Gentile provides freshness.

The D.o.c. Botticino, governed by a Union of 16 producers, recognizes two typology of wine: red and red Riserva. The best barrels of Botticino can acquire the right to the designation ‘Riserva’, when they have a minimum alcohol level of 12.5% and at least two years of ageing. We tasted Botticino D.o.c. “La Foja” 2011, from the producer Franzoni; part of the grapes were treated withering on the floors for about 55 weeks. It is a symphony of perfumes and nuances of taste, long, persistent and very harmonious. Soon the tasting video online!

November 28th, 2018

Marco Negro