Casorzo D.o.c. is a wine produced in Piemonte, in the borough of 7 municipalities of Monferrato area, in Piemonte. It is obtained from Malvasia di Casorzo, a red-berry grape, one of the many vines called Malvasia.

Why so many vines are named Malvasia, at least 18 those grown in Italy? Easily we can refer to the following white malvasia: Malvasia di Candia, Malvasia toscana, Malvasia delle Lipari, Malvasia istriana, Malvasia di Sardegna or these red malvasia: Malvasia pugliese, Malvasia di Schierano and indeed … Malvasia di Casorzo. It was the Venetian merchants, who traded from the Middle Ages with all the peoples of the Mediterranean, to call “malvasia” the sweet wines obtained from grapes that gave an intense and broad aromatic floral and fruity profile.

Casorzo D.o.c. derives from a red berry malvasia and can be produced both as red wine, as sparkling wine and, not less important, as a passito. LEGAMI Team tasted the Casorzo D.o.c. “Voület 2017 produced by SULIN farm. It has a beautiful ruby ​​red color, tending to cherry-red (or better, cerasuolo red, which is the typical color of this variety of wine). On the nose you can perceive the typical scents of malvasia, a floral and fruity bouquet; the emerging aroma is that one of the rose. Sweet taste, persistent aromatic aftertaste.

A comment on the label: Fabio and Mauro, brothers, wanted to pay homage to an ancient game, voület. It is a variation of a game with rackets practiced in the XIX century in the villages of Monferrato.


December 11th, 2018

Marco Negro