Gattinara wine D.o.c.g. it is one of the “great Nebbiolo of the North”. Nebbiolo grape is certainly better known for Barolo and Barbaresco wines produced in Langhe hills; however, it is also cultivated in some alpine valleys and at the foot of Monte Rosa (northern Piemonte).

The denomination Gattinara D.o.c.g. is produced only in the vineyards planted in the homonymous municipality: less than 100 hectares of vineyard! The soil and the microclimate contribute to the production of a wine with unique features. The analysis of the land would require an expert geologist, but, to summarise, we can say that it has a volcanic origin, and is therefore rich in minerals, especially iron. The ice tongue of Monte Rosa reached these foothills, bringing stones (porphyry and quartz) of all shapes and sizes. The microclimate is characterized by shelter from cold winds offered by high alpine peaks and by dry summers. These characteristics of terroir, combined with the typical characteristics of the grape (typical aromas, high acidity and tannins) give to Gattinara D.o.c.g. a peculiar identity, which requires time to express itself. The wine have to do at least 3 years of aging; neverthless, it is with time that the initial “hardness” of this wine evolves into finesse and elegance.

We tasted the Gattinara D.o.c.g. 2007 by TORRACCIA DEL PIANTAVIGNA, appreciating the garnet color, typical of aged Nebbiolo wines. It hss quite fine and persistent aromas, with a broad bouquet ranging from violet to spices. Decidedly dry in taste, we find unexpected flavors, long and persistent. The years of barrel and bottle aging have harmonized the various components, transforming austerity into great class.


March 25th, 2019

Marco Negro