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During the harvest season (“vendemmia” into Italian) the wide range of grapes grown in the Italian vineyards becomes visible.

SENTIERI DI VINO (wine trails) discovers the less known D.o.c. and D.o.c.g. wines as well as the autochthonous grape varieties.

Ansonica or Inzolia ?

Many synonyms, a single grape variety: whether it is called inzolia, ansòria, anzonica or white zolia, Ansonica is par excellence the Mediterranean vine, probably arrived in Sicily from Greece. In fact, genetic-molecular studies confirm a

Sentieri di vino – the wine Ghemme D.o.c.g.

In the north of Piedmont, on the hills that separate the plain from the Alps, vineyards have been cultivated at least since the Roman era. Nebbiolo, the vine best known for the wines produced in

Sentieri di vino – the wine Gattinara D.o.c.g.

Gattinara wine D.o.c.g. it is one of the "great Nebbiolo of the North". Nebbiolo grape is certainly better known for Barolo and Barbaresco wines produced in Langhe hills; however, it is also cultivated in some

Wine fairs: a whole host of events

Barolo & Co, editorial meeting in January ... we immediately noticed the positioning in the calendar of the first issue of the year. "We will leave two days after the closing of Prowein, and in

Sentieri di vino – the grape Ciliegiolo

Ciliegiolo owes its name to the primary descriptor that most characterizes the wines obtained from this grape: strong scent and long aftertaste of cherry (in Italian, in fact, ciliegia). The ampelographic origin is uncertain. This

Nebbiolo Prima / Eleonora Scholes

Events such as NEBBIOLO PRIMA and GRANDI LANGHE are an important occasion for journalists to meet experts, producers, winemakers or agronomists and to get to know the news that the market is about to offer.

Nebbiolo Prima / Davide Pasquero

The chance of discovering in advance the trends of great Italian wines attracts experts, writers and enthusiasts. As everyone agrees, the choice to anticipate NEBBIOLO PRIMA in January, has been strongly winning: it has been