In the restricted circle of the wine growers and specialist journalists certain topics are often discussed with enthusiasm. The viewpoints with the following decisions – sometimes momentous – are an important factor for the evolutional process of the “Italian wine”. It’s true that the issues are not always clear especially to a larger and larger public of wine lovers. The latter easily listen to the echo of the discussions when the points in question appear on the social network, in particular on Facebook.

In the North-West some matters such as the definition of the famous Barolo’s cru Cannubi – a new denomination as well as Nizza docg or the possibility to make a dry sparkling from Moscato are popularly dominant among Facebook comments even more than the comments about the quality of the vintages, now boring. In the meanwhile all around Italy the discussions are about the stocking policies of Prosecco producers or about the self-regulation codes among the various Amarone producers and any new variant proposed to one of the hundreds of Italian denominations.

Regarding a same topic, within this chain, opposite positions may coexist; they derive from a different promotional vision or, easier still, from different interests. If only we could listen to the reasons of ones and the others with a comparing interview!

When I proposed the idea to compare the different opinions regarding “wine topics” to the Director of Barolo&Co, journalist Giancarlo Montaldo, the idea whipped up his enthusiasm and the approval of the editor. That’s how the section “Intervista Doppia” started. A few questions to the representatives of two opposite opinions, with the request of synthetic replies. The purpose is to enable the reader to have a clear idea about the reason of both.

The fist double interview will be published on March 21st on Barolo&Co. comparing two opposite ways to consider the bottle closure: screw cap vs cork. Enjoy the reading!

4th February, 2017

Marco Negro