The use of the word “prejudice” with regards to the ethical themes sometimes is leading us to forget the origin of the term itself. Prejudice means “judging before”, literally “having a preconceived opinion before any direct experience”. An example? When you judge a wine before even tasting it.

Few will admit it, but the images that our eyes receive (seeing a label, reading a wine name) and the information that we already have (through readings or critiques of others) heavily influence our real ability to a free evaluation. For its wine selection LEGAMI team decided to abandon the traditional judging method developing its own, based on a blind tasting.

Besides making the bottles anonymous with the classic aluminium foil, we have decided to organize a “forum”. At every tasting, leastwise an agronomist, an oenologist, a wine producer, a restaurant owner, a sommelier, a sales representative and some consumers with an amateur knowledge of wines are invited.

The discussions are interesting and cleaned up of “prejudices” – all those anticipated evaluations based on personal experience related with a particular wine or a specific cellar. At the same time, anyone can provide essential contributions to the discussion thanks to their own knowledge (some will better know the vineyard, some the cellar techniques while some will give their commercial opinions and so on…)

How many surprises when you finally discover the bottles! Often the judgement of technical operators and commercial specialists converge with that of the amateur consumers… “Blind” discussions are a real powerful filter for the rooted opinions and the prejudices!

August 25th, 2016

Marco Negro